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Oslapisavkusna Ransomware

The Oslapisavkusna Ransomware is an injurious threat equipped with potent encryption capabilities. It uses an uncrackable algorithm to lock the data of its victims The Oslapisavkusna Ransomware belongs to the ZEPPELIN malware family. It seems that the cybercriminals responsible for spreading the Oslapisavkusna Ransomware are mainly focused on infecting companies and corporate entities but the malware can be deployed on individual user devices easily, as well.

Apart from causing the targeted file types to become unusable, the threat also will modify the original names of the files. It will first add '.oslapisavkusna' followed by a string of characters, which is more than likely a unique identifier assigned to the specific victim. A ransom note will be delivered on the system as a text file named '!!! ALL YOUR FILES ARE ENCRYPTED !!!.TXT.'

Ransom Note's Details

The ransom note makes it clear that the preferred targets of the threat are business organizations. The hackers claim to have disrupted the victim's servers, backups, and infrastructure. To get their data back and fix the situation, victims are instructed to contact the attackers and pay them for a decryption key. The exact amount of the demanded ransom is not mentioned in the note. 

However, the attackers state that if they are contacted by the victims within 12 hours of the ransomware attack, the ransom will be reduced by 50%. They also are willing to decrypt a couple of small unimportant files as a demonstration of their ability to restore the locked data of their victims. The note specifies that the main communication channel is a Skype account (Oslapisavkusna Decryption) but victims also can send a message to the '' email address.

The full text of the message left by Oslapisavkusna Ransomware is:

'Dear Sir or Madam,                                                                                           



Id like to inform you that your company has been randomly chosen for audit and that you haven't passed it.                                                                                                   

All of your servers are encrypted, same as your backups. Our encryption algorithms impossible to decrypt, same as your company data and infrastructure. However, do not get nervous, as you shall restore all of your all your infrastructure and data! In order to do that, follow simple steps that are described bellow:                                                                                   

1. Buy decryption key.                                                                                       

2. Restore all of the company data and infrastructure.                                                       


The system hack wasnt done eiter by your competitors or 3rd party, it was strictly our initiative. Our main and only interest is money.                                                             

Also, to be mentioned, we value our reputation and principles a lot, therefore any amateur attempts will be strictly suppressed and will make current situation worse. In addition, all of  decryption software mentioned above is tested, as a proof of our abilities, there is a possibility of decrypting few small files for free, for your understanding.                                  


To decrypt your files you need to write on our mail -

But we recommend to write on our skype account - Oslapisavkusna Decryption

We work 24/7 and if you write in 12h after decryption - you will get 50% discount

Your personal ID:' 


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