OptionPreview Description

Type: Adware MacOS

Another intrusive application is trying to take advantage of unsuspecting Mac users. This new PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) is named OptionPreview. It is most likely being spread via questionable methods such as bundling or fake installers. The bundling scheme is particularly popular, as it allows for an intruder application to be packaged alongside the installation of a more legitimate and desirable software product.

Once inside the Mac, OptionPreview will engage its adware and browser hijacker functionalities. Being an adware application, OptionPreview will cause unwanted and annoying advertisements to appear on the system and while browsing. The advertisements could take the form of banners, pop-ups, in-text links, and could even be injected into unrelated legitimate websites. Users should always exercise caution when dealing with the advertisements generated by such dubious sources. The advertisements could lead to risky destinations such as hoax websites or phishing pages. They also may be promoting other intrusive PUPs.

Meanwhile, OptionPreview's browser-hijacker side will assume control over the user's Web browsers. It may target and modify the homepage, new tab page, and default search engine settings. As a result, whenever users launch the browser, open a new tab, or initiate a search through the URL bar, they will be taken to a promoted Web address. In the vast majority of cases, the promoted address belongs to a fake search engine.

Fake engines cannot rely on organic traffic, as they do not provide any meaningful features. After all, they are incapable of even producing search results on their own. Instead, they redirect users' searches through either a legitimate engine or a dubious one. In the latter case, users may be shown a list of inaccurate and low-quality results.

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