Threat Database Mac Malware OperationReview


OperationReview is an intrusive and obnoxious program that tries to sneak its installation onto users' Mac devices. To accomplish its goal, the application is spread via questionable distribution methods, a common tactic observed in PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs). Indeed, OperationReview has been found to be injected into fake installers pretending to deliver updates for the Adobe Flash Player.

Like most PUPs, OperationReview doesn't waste time when installed on the targeted system. The application is likely to activate its adware functionality and, as a result, the affected users will begin encountering numerous dubious advertisements. Adware applications rarely deliver advertisements for legitimate products or services. Instead, users could be presented with advertisements for untrustworthy hoax websites, dubious online betting/gaming platforms, fake giveaways or additional PUPs disguised as seemingly real applications.

Having a PUP lurking on the computer could have more serious consequences as well. These intrusive applications are often equipped with data-tracking capabilities. While present on the device, the PUP may spy on the user's browsing habits, harvest device details, or even attempt to extract sensitive information from browsers' autofill data. In the latter case, any account credentials, banking and payment details, credit/debit card numbers, etc., saved in the affected browser could be packaged and transmitted to a server under the control of the PUP's operators.


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