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Nppp Ransomware

By GoldSparrow in Ransomware

There is a brand-new copy of the notorious STOP Ransomware that is called Nppp Ransomware. The authors of the Nppp Ransomware have opted to base their creation on the well-established STOP Ransomware as building a file-locker from the ground up required significant technical skills and can be rather time-consuming.

Propagation and Encryption

Data-encrypting Trojans like the Nppp Ransomware often go after a broad array of filetypes to cause maximum damage to the compromised host. This means that if the Nppp Ransomware infiltrates your system, it will make sure to encrypt all your images, documents, videos, spreadsheets, presentations, audio files, databases, archives and other filetypes. The more files the Nppp Ransomware encrypts, the more likely it is for the victim to consider paying the ransom fee demanded by the attackers. All the newly locked files would have their names changed by the Nppp Ransomware. This file-locker adds a ‘.nppp’ extension. For example, if you name a file ‘milk-lotion.pdf,’ the Nppp Ransomware will rename it to ‘milk-lotion.pdf.nppp.’ The attackers are likely to propagate this threat via fake software downloads and updates, torrent trackers, bogus social media pages, malvertising campaigns, phishing emails that contain malicious links or macro-laced attachments, etc.

The Ransom Note

The ransom message of the attackers is contained in a file named ‘_readme.txt.’ There are several main points that the attackers outline in their note:

  • Initially, the ransom fee is $490.
  • Victims who do not pay up within three days will have to pay double the fee - $980.
  • The people handling the threat offer to decrypt one file free of charge.
  • They provide two email addresses as a means of getting in touch with the creators of the file-locker – ‘’ and ‘’

You should not bother contacting cyber crooks like the shady individuals behind the Nppp Ransomware. There is no point in paying up since there is no guarantee that you will be provided with the decryptor that you need. Ensure that the Nppp Ransomware is removed from your PC by a genuine, up-to-date anti-virus solution.


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