Threat Database Malware Novpopen.exe


The Novpopen.exe could be connected to intrusive malware from the crypto-miner type. Threatening tools are designed specifically to take over the hardware resources of infected computers. The hackers will then utilize the hijacked resources to mine for a specific cryptocurrency - Monero, DarkCoin, etc. Due to the nature of their activities, one of the most obvious signs of a crypto-miner infection is the presence of an active, unfamiliar process that is taking up an exorbitant amount of the system's CPU, GPU or RAM output.

Due to the limited amount of resources left available to the system, users are likely to start noticing frequent slowdowns, freezes or even critical errors. Actions that would normally be carried out instantly could begin to take far longer or even fail to complete. At the same time, the constant utilization of the hardware components could lead to additional risks. Excessive heat could begin to build up in the computer case, causing unwanted restarts and shutdowns. In fact, the expected lifespan of the hardware could be affected adversely.


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