Threat Database Malware Nitro Stealer

Nitro Stealer

The Nitro Stealer is a harmful threat that cybercriminals can utilize in cyberespionage and data-collecting attacks. Malware of this type is typically equipped with considerable stealth capabilities to ensure a prolonged presence on the breached devices, maximizing the opportunities for the hackers to obtain confidential or sensitive data. 

Information collectors could carry an expanded range of invasive functionalities. These threats may establish keylogging routines on the infected systems to capture every pressed keyboard button or mouse click. They may monitor the network activity on the device, capture arbitrary screenshots, take control over the connected camera and microphone to make recordings, extract browser cookies, or access information related to messaging clients, VPNs, popular desktop applications, etc. Many stealers can also impact cryptocurrency wallet applications. 

The consequences for the victim will depend on the particular goals of the attackers. The hackers may abuse any collected login credentials to assume control over the associated accounts and run disinformation campaigns, spread malware threats, or perform other frauds. If the cybercriminals have access to the victim's banking information or wallet credentials, they can siphon the funds out and transfer them to accounts under their own control. Both individual users and corporate entities should have professional security solutions installed that could prevent such malware threats from being activated in the first place. 


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