'Network Solutions' Email Scam

'Network Solutions' Email Scam Description

Users should be on the lookout for a wave of misleading emails that are part of a spam campaign tracked as 'Network Solutions email scam.' The goal of the fraudsters is to trick users into opening a phishing page that will collect all entered information, mainly email account credentials.

To deceive their targets, the hoax emails are designed to appear as if they are being sent by the legitimate technology company Network Solutions, a subsidiary of one of the biggest domain name registers Web.com. It should be noted that the actual companies have absolutely no connection to these emails.

The fake emails state that the recipient's mailbox is nearing its maximum capacity and if the limit is exceeded, the user will no longer be able to receive, send or store emails. To fix this non-existent issue, users are directed towards opening the provided link to supposedly add more storage. The visual design of the phishing page that is then opened will be adjusted to match the actual sign-in page of the recipient's email account. For example, if the con email is sent to a Bing email, the shown phishing page will mimic Bing's sign-in page.

If the fraudsters gain access to the user's email account and password, they could use the information to escalate their access and compromise other, more important accounts, such as those for social media platforms, financial applications and more. That is why users should always exercise caution when dealing with unexpected emails that urge them to follow a provided link or open an attached file.