Threat Database Mac Malware NativeLightning


Cybersecurity researchers examined the NativeLightning application and confirmed that it is intrusive adware. Furthermore, they discovered enough signs to classify the application as another addition to the AdLoad adware family. Indeed, NativeLightning exhibits the typical characteristics of this infamous family.

First, NativeLightning is designed to target Mac users specifically. The application could try to sneak its installation by exploiting questionable distribution methods, such as software bundles or fake installers. If users do not check all of the installation options, they may not even realize that additional PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) were delivered to their Macs.

Once activated, NativeLightning will attempt to generate revenues for its operators by delivering numerous advertisements on the affected device. Users could be constantly interrupted by annoying pop-ups, notifications, and other advertisements. More important is the fact that the displayed advertisements could be promoting untrustworthy destinations or applications - fake giveaways, more PUPs, phishing tactics, technical support schemes, questionable betting/gambling platforms, etc.

Adware, browser hijackers, and PUPs are notorious for having additional functions that these applications may perform silently in the background of the system. In many cases, users will have their browsing activities monitored, packaged, and transmitted to a remote server. The collected information also may include numerous device details or even account credentials, banking data, payment details, and other sensitive information that has been extracted from browsers' autofill data.


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