Msascuil.exe Description

Msascuil.exe is a Windows process file that is a software component for Windows 10. The filename is an abbreviation for MicroSoft Antivirus Security Center User Interface Logo. The main function of this file is to display the Windows Defender logo in the Windows taskbar. In other words, it should be a benign Windows process file, and if you use Windows Defender, it should not come as a surprise that this process is running. Nevertheless, Msascuil.exe could also be associated with Crackonosh Malware, and if that is the case, it calls for immediate action.

What Does Crackonosh Malware Want?

Crackonosh Malware targets gamers who play illegal versions of their favorite games. The malware installer file hides in a cracked game package, and the moment a user runs this cracked game installation, they also set up the malicious program on their computer too. Some of the cracked game versions that carry Crackonosh Malware include NBA 2K19, The Sims 4, The Sims 4 Seasons, We Happy Few, Jurassic World Evolution, and others.

This program does not have a GUI, and it remains in the background of the affected system because its main purpose is to mine cryptocurrency. It means that the infection makes use of the system’s resources to generate cyber tokens for its owners. Needless to say, that eventually, Crackonosh Malware takes so much of the computer’s power that users cannot even run their favorite games (or any program for that matter) anymore.

One of the more dangerous things about Crackonosh Malware is that it can uninstall a number of security programs, including Norton, McAfee, Kaspersky, F-secure, and Panda. It also replaces critical files on the system to avoid detection and to make the user think there is nothing out of the ordinary.

What Does Msascuil.exe Do?

This is where Msascuil.exe comes in. As mentioned originally, it is a Windows system process file. Since Crackonosh Malware is able to disable and delete Windows Defender and its components, Msascuil.exe should no longer be running. However, the infection creates ITS OWN Msascuil.exe, that still performs its main function – the process displays the Windows Security icon in the Windows taskbar. This way, the user thinks that they are still protected from major threats, but the reality is that Msascuil.exe only shows the icon, and the Windows Defender application is no longer running.

Don't Forget Your Malware Checklist

Therefore, you have to go through a checklist to figure out whether the Msascuil.exe you find in Task Manager is malicious or not. Have you recently downloaded and installed a cracked game? Maybe your computer has been acting slow lately? The Windows Defender icon is still there, but have you actually run a scan recently?

You can deal with this issue immediately by scanning your computer with a malware remediation tool. If you are really infected with Crackonosh Malware, a security tool of your choice will help you locate and terminate all the malicious files. Of course, relying solely on an anti-malware application is not enough to protect yourself and your computer from harm. You need to change your browsing and program exploitation habits, too. If you happen to play cracked games, you might want to stop doing that right about now.