MoneyGram Email Scam

MoneyGram Email Scam Description

Phishing is a popular method employed by cybercriminals who wish to obtain sensitive information from their victims. The unsuspecting users are usually taken to a fake page designed to imitate closely the login portal of a legitimate service. Users then divulge their login credentials or private details about themselves, while under the impression that everything is completely normal. However, the hackers, harvest all provided information and proceed to exploit it in a variety of ways. The MoneyGram email scam follows that plan almost exactly, and it appears that it is targeting German users mostly.

The attack begins by disseminating countless lure emails. The messages pretend to be coming from MoneyGram, a legitimate money transfer company. The emails themselves are written in German entirely. The fake message tries to convince users that an error caused their last session on the website not to be closed properly, which, apparently, could lead to unauthorized access to the account. Of course, this is all false and its only goal is to scare users into clicking on the provided link to fix the non-existing problem.

Not surprisingly, the link in the email leads to a phishing website that imitates the official MoneyGram page. Visitors are urged to enter the login credentials associated with their MoneyGram account. Falling for the tactic can have massive repercussions, with the attackers gaining access to the user's account and conducting fraudulent transactions. The cybercriminals also could try to extend their reach by using the obtained credentials to access other accounts belonging to the victim.