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'' Pop-Ups

By GoldSparrow in Adware

Security authorities report that the domain is not trusted and is used by adware developers to scare PC users into contacting fake computer support agents. The pop-ups may claim that your OS is compromised, and you need to call technicians to receive help immediately. You trust the notifications brought up by As stated above, the pop-ups are caused by adware on your PC that only aims to scare users and can't damage your OS. You may have installed an adware-powered browser plug-in by handling a freeware bundle with the 'Express' or 'Typical' option. Security authorities note that the fake technicians linked to may use the name of the trusted GoToAssist application by Citrix Systems to appear legitimate. You may be invited to grant them remote access to your machine in order to fix your problems. A standard practice in this situation is to present potential victims with system logs about errors in program processes to convince users that their security is at risk. Less tech savvy users that experienced the pop-ups may be persuaded to pay for receiving 'immediate support'. Additionally, users may be suggested to install rogue security apps like Windows 7 Total Security and WinDefender2008 and generate pay-per-install revenue for the scammers linked to Computer users should keep in mind that security alerts presented as pop-up windows in their browser are caused by adware predominantly. You might want to invest your trust into a reputable anti-malware shield that can halt the pop-ups by and provide you with advanced protection.


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