Windows 7 Total Security

Windows 7 Total Security Description

Windows 7 Total Security is a fairly typical rogue security application from the same makers of rogue anti-virus programs such as Windows 7 System Fix, XP Antivirus, and Vista Total Security. Windows 7 Total Security belongs to a family of rogue anti-virus programs that have the ability to adapt their name and interface to match the operating system they are infecting. Like most rogue anti-virus programs, Windows 7 Total Security is designed to steal a computer user's money by pretending that a severe malware infection is present and that the only solution is Windows 7 Total Security itself. However, it is important to note that Windows 7 Total Security is a manifestation of a well-known Trojan infection, which is usually the cause of any problems present on the infected computer system. This is why ESG PC security researchers strongly recommend against purchasing Windows 7 Total Security or heeding any of its many claims and warnings.

The Chameleon-like Antics of Windows 7 Total Security

Rogue anti-virus applications in the same family as Windows 7 Total Security first caught the attention of PC security researchers because of one unique feature. Rogue anti-virus programs in the Windows 7 Total Security family can change their name and appearance to match the operating system they are infecting. Windows 7 Total Security is the variation of this rogue anti-virus program that attacks computer systems with the Windows 7 operating system. If the victim's operating system were running another version of Windows, such as XP or Vista, this rogue anti-virus program would be named XP Total Security or Vista Total Security in order to match the infected operating system's name. The Trojan behind Windows 7 Total Security also makes the necessary changes to its interface in order to match the infected operating system. ESG malware researchers suspect that Windows 7 Total Security does so by choosing from different skins in a database.

Dealing With a Windows 7 Total Security Infection

Luckily, a reliable anti-malware application will usually be able to detect and remove Windows 7 Total Security from your computer system. However, Windows 7 Total Security may have components that allow Windows 7 Total Security to block anti-malware programs or access to the Internet. To bypass these self-protection features, you may have to start up Windows from an external source or in Safe Mode. If you have already paid for Windows 7 Total Security, you should contact your credit card company to reverse the charges.

Technical Information

Registry Details

Windows 7 Total Security creates the following registry entry or registry entries:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Windows 7 Total Security

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