'Microsoft System Security Alert' Pop-Ups

'Microsoft System Security Alert' Pop-Ups Description

The 'Microsoft System Security Alert' pop-up windows that may be generated via the 8vbcservercrush57report[.]tk site are phishing messages. PC users that encounter the 'Microsoft System Security Alert' pop-up may be suggested that their PCs have been infected with the Zeus Trojan. The threat mentioned on the 'Microsoft System Security Alert' is a cyber parasite that can collect banking credentials and personally identifiable data. However, the 'Microsoft System Security Alert' messages are not to be trusted as they offer misleading information and can be presented on your screen by untrusted sites. We have received reports that websites like 8vbcservercrush57report[.]tk and many others are crafted to display the 'Microsoft System Security Alert' pop-ups and include scripts, which might cause browser memory overload and result in an unresponsive Internet client and system. The Web designers who created the 'Microsoft System Security Alert' pop-ups may exploit bugs and vulnerabilities in respected browsers like Google Chrome, Opera and Mozilla Firefox. Web surfers that are shown the 'Microsoft System Security Alert' warnings may find the following text on their screens:

'Microsoft System Security Alert

Oops !! Something went wrong with your Window
Dear Windows user,
The website you have recently visited may have downloaded the Malware
and Virus on your Windows system.

Microsoft Defender is Suspicious about your Windows System Security.
Your TCP connection was Blocked by Your Windows Security System. Your
Windows and Chrome has been blocked until we may hear from you to
immediately fix the issue.
Please Contact Microsoft Windows Help Desk

Customer support: +1-866-217-8835 (TOLL-Free)
***Don't Restart Your Computer***
Windows Detected ZEUS Virus, The infections detected, indicate some
recent downloads on the computer which in turn has created pr and share this
code B2957E to the Agent to Fix This.

Research into the 'Microsoft System Security Alert' messages revealed that the fake security alerts promote phone lines like 866-217-8835. The 866-217-8835 toll-free phone line is not managed by a properly registered computer support company. You are not provided with help from a certified technical support representative when you call the 866-217-8835 phone line. The error codes 'B2957E', '0x80060402', '268D3' and 'FXX07' are used by fake computer support companies when claiming proficiency in performing computer repairs. You should ignore the recommendation to avoid restarting your PC shown in the text above. It is best to open the Task Manager and kill your browser's process, which should remove the 'Microsoft System Security Alert' pop-up from your screen. However, you may have a browser hijacker on the system that may redirect your browser to clones of 8vbcservercrush57report[.]tk and load more phishing content in your browser. Adding a trusted anti-malware shield to your system should help you block access to insecure pages and attempts to exploit software vulnerabilities.