Threat Database Browser Hijackers 'BSOD Error Code 0x80060402' Pop-Ups

'BSOD Error Code 0x80060402' Pop-Ups

By GoldSparrow in Browser Hijackers

The 'BSOD Error Code 0x80060402' pop-ups are irritating messages that are used to convince computer users to call a fake technical support service. Using scary sounding technical jargon, the 'BSOD Error Code 0x80060402' pop-ups will try to convince the computer users that their computers have been infected or damaged and that it is necessary to obtain help from a technical support associated with Microsoft. The 'BSOD Error Code 0x80060402' pop-ups mimic the so-called 'Blue Screen of Death,' a Windows error screen that often appears when the operating system encounters a particularly severe problem. There is no legitimacy to the 'BSOD Error Code 0x80060402' pop-ups, and they are not related to Microsoft or Windows in any way.

The 'BSOD Error Code 0x80060402' pop-ups may indicate that a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program), has been installed on the affected computer. The message claims that the PC user needs to call the included phone number. However, even the simple act of calling the 'BSOD Error Code 0x80060402' pop-ups' phone number may result in monetary loss since these companies may use premium rate numbers with a high cost for each minute of the call. Computer users should avoid interacting with the 'BSOD Error Code 0x80060402' pop-ups in any way or calling their related phone number. Instead, the PUP causing the presence of the 'BSOD Error Code 0x80060402' pop-ups should be removed immediatelyn.

The 'BSOD Error Code 0x80060402' Pop-Ups and Their Related Hoaxes

The 'BSOD Error Code 0x80060402' pop-ups and similar hoaxes are not uncommon. Most of these hoaxes utilize the same basic premise: computer users receive scary error messages or pop-ups urging them to call a 'help desk' or technical support service. Once the PC users call the number, the person on the other end of the line may try to convince them to disclose their credit card or banking information and allow the installation of a Remote Access Tool (RAT) on the affected computer. By allowing these people to have access to their computers, computer users may place their privacy and data at risk. In all cases, the con artists will claim to have found threats or severe problems (that may be caused by the con artists themselves), and charge an elevated amount (usually between $200 and $600 USD) to 'fix' it and provide technical support monitoring.

Computer users should never allow the instructions associated with the 'BSOD Error Code 0x80060402' pop-ups that may allow access to the affected PC. The RAT installed on the affected computer may be used for the following:

  • Con artists associated with the 'BSOD Error Code 0x80060402' pop-ups may disable legitimate security software on the affected PC. They may then install threats or PUPs to cause problems on the affected computer deliberately.
  • Using the RAT, third parties may try to retrieve passwords or banking data from the affected computer. They also may collect any pertinent data, including email contact lists to continue spreading the 'BSOD Error Code 0x80060402' pop-ups .
  • In most cases, the con artists may find ways to cause problems deliberately, especially making the computer sluggish to provide their fake technical support service. Then, after the PC user pays and they 'remove' the problem, they may claim that their technical support services work and continue preying on the inexperienced computer user.

What may be the Cause of the 'BSOD Error Code 0x80060402' Pop-Ups

The 'BSOD Error Code 0x80060402' pop-ups may be related to a PUP installed on the affected PC. If the 'BSOD Error Code 0x80060402' pop-ups are appearing on the affected Web browser without mattering which website is being visited, then this may mean that a PUP has been installed. Sometimes the 'BSOD Error Code 0x80060402' pop-ups appear only when computer users visit a particular website, which may contain these kinds of problematic pop-ups in its advertising content.


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