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Medusa Stealer

The Medusa Stealer is described by its creators as a tool for network testing, as well as data recovery and extraction. At least, that is what the application's promotional website states. In reality, the Medusa Stealer combines multiple hurtful capabilities that could be exploited in attack operations. 

When established on the targeted computers, the threat will collect a wide range of data and transmit it to its operators. Typically, these malware threats harvest system information, browsing-related data, browser cookies, account credentials and more. The Medusa Stealer also is capable of launching DDoS (Distributed Denial-of-Service) attacks. Threat actors use DDoS attacks to render targeted websites, services or company resources unresponsive and unreachable.

The Medusa Stealer also carries crypto-mining functionality. If instructed by the attackers, the threat could take over the hardware resources of the breached device and utilize them for mining a specific cryptocurrency. Impacted users could notice that the device's CPU or GPU output is frequently, extremely high or even at maximum. Victims may find that even normal activities, such as surfing the Web or watching a movie take a long time, freeze or even crash frequently. The constant pressure on the hardware components could lead to malfunctions or reduce their expected lifespan as a result of a potential excessive heat generation. 

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