MDRL Ransomware

Recently, cybersecurity researchers uncovered a new ransomware threat roaming the Internet. This new data-locking Trojan is called MDRL Ransomware. Upon further inspection, it became clear that the MDRL Ransomware is a variant of the Matrix Ransomware.

Propagation and Encryption

Malware experts are not certain what infection vectors have been employed in the propagation of the MDRL Ransomware. It is likely that the spam emails containing macro-laced attachments, bogus software updates, and fake copies of legitimate applications may be among the propagation methods used by the authors of the MDRL Ransomware. When the MDRL Ransomware compromises a system, it will first run a scan. The scan is used to determine the locations of the files that will be locked later. The next phase is the encryption process. Once a file undergoes the encryption process of the MDRL Ransomware its name will be altered as this threat appends an additional extension. The MDRL Ransomware renames files using the following pattern - '[].-.MDRL.' Once the MDRL Ransomware locks a file, you will no longer be able to use it in any way.

The Ransom Note

Next, the MDRL Ransomware will drop its ransom note. The note is called '!MDRL_INFO!.rtf.' The authors of the MDRL Ransomware provide an email address where they expect to be contacted – ''. It is not uncommon for cybercriminals to use proton mail as a preferred method of communication as it is regarded as a service that helps one protect their anonymity.

We advise you against following the instructions of the creators of the MDRL Ransomware. When you are dealing with cyber crooks, there is no guarantee that they will hold up their end of the deal even if you pay them and do everything as you are told. Instead, you should download and install a legitimate anti-malware application, which will remove the MDRL Ransomware from your system and keep you safe in the future.


Are you able to unencript the files that MDRL ransomware infected?

Durgesh Prajapati Reply

Dear Team,

we were affected from the ransomware & name is "", kindly help to recover for the same. Let me know if you want to recover my file. Please free to write me.


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