Threat Database Adware MapperTrack


MapperTrack is a dubious application, whose main goal is to generate money for its operators by performing numerous intrusive activities on the Mac systems it is installed. The chances of users downloading and installing such applications knowingly and willingly are slim to nonexistent, so a common pattern among these PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) is the reliance on underhanded distribution methods. The most commonly encountered tactics include bundling and fake installers. 

When it comes to MapperTrack in particular, it is capable of acting both as adware and a browser hijacker. This means that the application monetizes its presence on the system by running an intrusive ad campaign, while also forcing the user's browser to open a promoted website. The generated advertisements cannot be trusted, as they could lead to shady third-party websites. As for the promoted address, browser hijackers are typically observed to generate artificial traffic towards fake search engines. They do so by modifying the affected browser's homepage, new tab page and the default search engine. 

While these will be the more obvious symptoms of having a PUP on your Mac, the dubious application also could be spying on the user's browsing activities quietly. Various information, including all visited websites, initiated searches, clicked URLs, device details, and more could be transmitted to a remote server continuously. 


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