ManagerPages is a dubious application that promises users to help them reach their favorite websites faster, as well as providing useful suggestions relevant to the browsing experience. The truth, however, is that those promises are just a thinly-veiled disguise for what is nothing more than an adware application. Indeed, the true purpose of ManagerPages is to infiltrate the user's device through deceptive distribution tactics and then start monetizing its presence. One of the most widely used methods is the so-called 'bundling.' The adware application or other PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) is added as a preselected choice to the installation process of another more popular freeware application. The PUPs installation can usually be found under the 'Advanced' or 'Custom' settings. However, most users simply skip this step.

Once inside the device, ManagerPages will impact the browsing experience severely. A multitude of forced redirects, numerous pop-ups, banners, and surveys will be delivered to the user, and could even start to cover the legitimate content being viewed at the moment. The PUP also could inject in-text links into visited sites. Certain browser settings will be modified, mainly the homepage, new page tab, and the default search engine, to open a fake search engine.

Afterward, whenever the user conducts searches, it will be hijacked by the fake engine before being redirected to a legitimate engine that will produce the search results. Among the displayed results, however, various sponsored advertisements and links may have been injected.

The best way to deal with ManagerPages is to remove the application from your device immediately with a professional anti-malware solution, preferably.


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