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Mal/JavaJar-B is a dangerous zero day vulnerability in the Java platform. The Java Runtime Environment is a third party platform that is used across operating systems, making it a prime way of infecting computers with malware. Although necessary to carry out various online tasks, ESG security researchers have observed numerous malware attacks in the last years that target vulnerabilities in the Java Runtime Environment. Of these, the most dangerous are, without question, zero day vulnerabilities due to the fact that they allow criminals a larger window of time to carry out attacks before a security patch or fix is released by Java's creators, Adobe Systems.

Mal/JavaJar-B is a new zero day vulnerability in the latest version of the Java Runtime Environment, 7u10. Unfortunately for computer users, this vulnerability has been observed in the most popular exploit kits in the market. This means that this vulnerability is already being exploited in order to carry out dangerous malware attacks. The Mal/JavaJar-B vulnerability is associated with the NuclearPack Exploit Kits as well as in the CoolEK exploit kit. Mal/JavaJar-B is the detection for the malicious JAR files used to exploit this specific vulnerability. Since Mal/JavaJar-B is an exploit that takes advantage of vulnerabilities in Java, the best way to prevent an attack involving Mal/JavaJar-B is to disable Java on your web browser or to avoid installing it completely on your computer. However, for many computer users this is not an option due to the need for Java to carry out various online tasks.

The tenth update to Java 7 (7u10) has some important security controls that are meant to prevent these kinds of attacks. Because of that, ESG security researchers advise looking through the security controls to find out how you can secure your computer. There is a check box that can be used to disable the Java plug-in on your web browser, which can protect you not only from Mal/JavaJar-B but from the many other Java exploits that we have seen throughout 2012 and are likely to see in the following months. There are other options in these advanced security controls that can prevent malicious files such as Mal/JavaJar-B from entering your computer and infecting your machine with malware. Of course, the best protection against any malware attacks is using a reliable anti-malware program combined with common sense when browsing the web.

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File System Details

Mal/JavaJar-B may create the following file(s):
# File Name MD5 Detections
1. jar_cache53600.tmp 69cbc609f3f2f2828a9cfb3d0c02f0b2 0
2. jimmdemy.jar be2bcd6c3f2aee6432358e1fb37a8dc2 0
3. 1ace845d-3e2a5bcc f94dbab99eaabb8a70806322c1eca656 0


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