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NuclearPack Exploit Kit

By Domesticus in Trojans

The NuclearPack Exploit Kit is a dangerous hacking tool used to infect computers with malware. Today, the Black Hole Exploit Kit is overwhelmingly the most important presence in the wild. However, this does not mean that there are not other exploit kits that could potentially attack computers. Along with Eleonore and Phoenix, the NuclearPack Exploit Kit is one of the other exploit packs that are currently competing with the Blackhole Exploit Kit's version 2.0 today. It is important to note that the Blackhole exploit kit accounts for more than ninety percent of all exploit kit attacks today. One of the reasons PC security researchers suspect that the NuclearPack Exploit Kit cannot compete with the Blackhole exploit kit is that the NuclearPack Exploit Kit lacks security customization features that allow criminals to prevent their malware attacks from being detected by top anti-malware applications available publicly.

The NuclearPack Exploit Kit is not a new player in this market. In fact, the second version of the NuclearPack Exploit Kit was released recently by the criminals responsible for this hacking tool. It is possible to visit a website purporting to be the official NuclearPack Exploit Kit website, reachable from links on underground hacking forums. According to that website, the NuclearPack Exploit Kit has been used successfully to carry out several dangerous malware attacks. These malware campaigns had the objective of stealing personal information in order to carry out identity theft and credit scams or to distribute ransomware designed to force inexperienced computer users into paying costly ransoms in order to recover the normal use of their computers.

How the NuclearPack Exploit Kit Creators Attempt to Circumvent Liability

While criminals that rent the Blackhole exploit kit are fully aware that it is a criminal tool, the NuclearPack Exploit Kit uses a Terms of Service Agreement that supposedly allows its creators to avoid liability for criminal actions undertaken using the NuclearPack Exploit Kit. This Terms of Service Agreement has the users of this exploit kit agree that they will not use the NuclearPack Exploit Kit to break the law in the Russian Federation, distribute email spam or carry out other criminal activities. Rather, NuclearPack Exploit Kit is marketed as a way to test security software and settings, although there is nothing preventing criminals from using the NuclearPack Exploit Kit to carry out dangerous malware attacks (as has been evidenced by their actions since this malware's release).


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