'Mail Delivery Failure' Scam

'Mail Delivery Failure' Scam Description

The 'Mail Delivery Failure' scam involves disseminating bait emails to thousands of unsuspecting users. The emails pretend to be generated as a result of several messages being unable to be delivered to their respective recipients, due to critical errors in the mail delivery system. A large button stating 'View Messages' will supposedly allow the user to see the exact email that encountered problems.

However, this is the crux of the 'Mail Deliver Failure' scam. The link associated with the button leads to a phishing page designed to collect all entered information. It seems that the cybercriminals behind this particular operation are interested in obtaining the user's Webmail credentials. The phishing page asks users to enter their email address and password for the Webmail email service. Users could spot the imposter page because it uses a different login page and address than the originals.

By gaining access to the users' accounts, the fraudsters could then abuse them to further spread malware threats or deceptive emails to other potential victims. The collected credentials also could be used to escalate the attack and breach other accounts using the same username or password. These people also could very well forgo exploiting the gathered information by themselves and instead offer it for sale to third parties, most likely other cybercriminal organizations.