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MacOS.TickerCoin.A is a generic detection describing a dangerous piece of malware that provides cybercriminals with remote access to macOS devices. Trojans of that kind operate on infected systems without the owner's knowledge or approval, and they typically also get installed in the same sneaky way. Once inside, Trojans allow their owner to undertake various harmful and illegal activities without causing any specific symptoms. Stealing of personal information, banking data, or login credentials is one of the options. Additionally, these threats can install other malware with even higher damage potential.

In the case of MacOS.TickerCoin.A, we can suppose that its primary purpose is to deliver a crypto miner on target Mac computers and, subsequently, exploit the available resources to mine cryptocurrencies. Given that perspective, this Trojan, probably, aims at large corporate networks rather than individual macOS users. Another option is that TickerCoin aims at gaining access to the user’s cryptocurrency wallets and sealing coins from there.

Although Trojans are designed to run undetected for the longest time possible, in the case of crypto miners users may notice some symptoms. An infection with MacOS.TickerCoin.A may cause a sudden surge in CPU usage and an overall slowdown in the performance of the machine. Unexplained CPU usage spikes while visiting or interacting with particular websites or Internet services could also signal that there is something wrong.

Malware creators often use spam email campaigns to spread malicious scripts embedded into links or attachments. Various types of rogue apps and fake updates are also preferred methods to infect computers with malware; therefore, MacOS.TickerCoin.A, most likely, also sneaks into macOS systems through such channels. It could also be disguised as a useful app that tracks the prices of cryptocurrencies.

For their own online safety, users are advised never to click on random pop-ups and banners while surfing the Internet and to install macOS apps only from their own trusted websites or directly from Apple Store. MacOS.TickerCoin.A could have significant potential to cause cybersecurity issues and lead to financial losses. Therefore, this threat should be removed immediately through a dedicated macOS malware removal tool.


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