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MacOS.MacRepair (MacRepair) is a potentially unwanted application for macOS marketed by its creators as a “complete Mac security program” that offers enhanced protection against cybersecurity issues. The app is distributed through an official website where the features of MacRepair are listed. Supposedly, the program can scan for malware, detect and clean old and/or duplicate files, and so on. The developers also claim the installation package includes an uninstaller. In fact, however, this app is part of a family of rogue software that has completely different purposes and functionalities than helping macOS users with their online security.

Malware researchers who have investigated MacRepair state that this app's primary goal is to steal money from naive users, as typical for all other fraudulent utility applications for Mac like “Speedup My Mac” or “Total Mac Care.” Such tools are part of potentially malicious advertising campaigns and online scams that spam victims’ computers with harmful ads and pop-ups. They also redirect users to some untrusty website that claims the user’s computer is infected with Trojans, viruses, and other malware. These fake scans and warnings then induce users to download MacRepair and have their systems “repaired.”

What happens after a download, though, is that the bogus alerts become even more obtrusive and the simulated virus scans even more annoying. Thousands of threats will be reported, while the scareware tactic will prompt the victim to get the full and paid version of MacRepair as only that can fix these issues. Additionally, the scammers offer an attractive deal: “Get 25% Off MacRepair and get your Mac running better with these great tools.” Security experts remind you never to pay for rogue anti-malware products as these can cause much more harm than improve your system’s performance. Use a certified anti-malware app to get rid of MacRepair and its analogs.


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