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MacOS.Belfibod is a potentially dangerous macOS Trojan. Some anti-malware programs may also detect it as Backdoor.OSX.Belfibod.a. Trojans are known for their stealthy ways of propagation and operation as they sneak into target computers disguised as free apps or tools that supposedly offer many useful or attractive features. A Trojan like MacOS.Belfibod may also come as a hidden “bonus”-download added to the installation package of another program, as a fake software update, or as an attached Microsoft Office document distributed through spam email campaigns.

Once installed on a macOS computer, MacOS.Belfibod will establish a connection with the attackers’ servers and start executing its malicious activities. The ultimate goal of most Trojans is to provide their operators with remote access to the compromised device so they can perform their intended actions. These may include stealing sensitive user data from apps or websites, extracting financial information, installing additional malware threats, initiating various spying activities, and many others.

An infection with a Trojan may, thus, result in substantial financial losses. Also, often Trojans are used as a first-stage payload that subsequently drops additional malicious programs, like encrypting malware. In that case, victims are left with lost data that can only be recovered from backups. Trojans also operate in the background, without causing any specific symptoms. Malware creators implement advanced techniques that prevent common anti-malware solutions from identifying them as a threat, for example, hiding their activities behind some regular programs or processes.

MacOS users can use a reliable anti-virus program to detect and remove Trojans from their system, as well as to prevent future similar attacks.


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