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M3gac0rtx Ransomware

Nobody is safe when it comes to ransomware threats. Some authors of file-locking Trojans target government bodies and large corporations and sometimes manage to extract huge sums of money from them. However, other, usually smaller actors, do not shy away from targeting regular users.

The Distribution Method

More and more cyber crooks take up creating and spreading ransomware and malware researchers are struggling to keep up. One of the most recently spotted threats of this type is the M3gac0rtx Ransomware. Once cybersecurity experts looked into this file-locking Trojan, they found out that this is a variant of the infamous MegaCortex Ransomware. It is likely that the attackers rely upon emails containing macro-laced attachments to propagate the M3gac0rtx Ransomware. Upon infiltrating a PC, the M3gac0rtx Ransomware will scan it to locate all files of interest. When the scan is completed, this file-locking Trojan will begin the encryption process. Once the M3gac0rtx Ransomware locks a file, it also alters its name by appending a '.m3gac0rtx' extension to it. For example, a document you had named 'September-2019.doc' will be renamed to 'September-2019.doc.m3gac0rtx.'

The Ransom Note

Next comes the dropping of the ransom note. The M3gac0rtx Ransomware will place its note on the user's desktop. The note is called '!-!_README_!-!.rtf.' The authors of the M3gac0rtx Ransomware do not specify the ransom fee but be sure that it will likely be a hefty sum. The attackers state that the victims should not attempt to unlock their data via any third-party software. Instead, they insist that the victim gets in touch with them via email. They have provided the users with two email addresses where they expect to be contacted for further instructions – ‘' and ‘'

It is never advisable to contact cyber crooks like the ones responsible for the M3gac0rtx Ransomware. Usually, no solution comes out of it, and you will likely be taken advantage of. Creators of ransomware threats are not known for their honesty, and more often than not, they leave their victims empty-handed even if they pay up. A safer approach to this sticky situation would be to download and install a genuine anti-spyware tool and use it to wipe off the M3gac0rtx Ransomware from your PC.


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