Threat Database Malware LummaC2 Stealer

LummaC2 Stealer

LummaC2 is a threatening program classified as a stealer, which operates by collecting sensitive information from infected devices and installed applications. LummaC2 is sold on the Web, which allows it to be distributed by multiple cybercriminals or hacker groups. LummaC2 is lightweight, reaching just about 150-200 KB in size, and can infect all operating systems from Windows 7 to Windows 11.

The LummaC2 malware has the capability to collect passwords, credit card numbers, bank accounts, and other personal information from users' computers. It also can access data stored in Web browsers, such as Chrome and Firefox. Additionally, LummaC2 can take screenshots of the users' desktops or active windows without their knowledge. This allows cybercriminals to gain access to confidential data that could be used for financial gain or identity theft.

The Invasive Capabilities of the LummaC2 Stealer

Once executed on breached devices, LummaC2 begins its operation by collecting relevant device information, such as OS version and architecture, hardware ID, CPU, RAM, screen resolution, system language and more. This malware also can extract data from certain applications and target browsers, such as Chrome, Chromium, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Brave, Kometa, Opera GX Stable, Opera Neon, Opera Stable and Vivaldi. LummaC2 can acquire browsing histories, Internet cookies, usernames/passwords and other highly sensitive information from these browsers.

In addition to this, the LummaC2 stealer also targets multiple cryptocurrency extensions (e.g., Binance Electrum Ethereum, etc.) and 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) extensions. This means that criminals using this malware can collect a wide variety of vulnerable data, which they can then use for their own financial gain. Examples include using hijacked accounts to gather identities, promoting tactics proliferating malware, carrying out fraudulent transactions, making unauthorized online purchases, etc. All in all, the LummaC2 stealer is a threatening piece of malware that should be avoided at all costs.

How Stealers Like LummaC2 Infect Devices?

Infostealers are threatening applications that work in the background of your computer, gathering and collecting your personal information, including credit card numbers, banking information, and passwords. They can enter your computer when you download free software or visit corrupted websites with poor security measures. Because infostealers are difficult to detect, it is necessary to be aware of the signs of their presence on your computer, such as slowed performance, strange system messages and sudden pop-ups. Additionally, you should also install a trusted anti-malware program with real-time malware protection to guard against infostealers.


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