'Loyalty Program' Scam

'Loyalty Program' Scam Description

Infosec researchers are warning users about a dubious website running a scheme disguised as a loyalty program. The page tries to lure unsuspecting users with promises of expensive rewards, such as a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra smartphone. The fraudsters claim that this is a regular giveaway that takes place every Friday, and is apparently only available to users in the UK. However, before they can claim their supposed prize, visitors must complete a multi-question survey. To put further pressure on their intended victims and create a sense of urgency, the con artists also show a timer counting down the remaining time when the offer will be active.

The behavior of the 'Loyalty Program' scam uses popular hooks and social-engineering tactics commonly observed in these schemes. Users are strongly encouraged to not get baited by the lucrative promises of the fraudsters. Ultimately, the goal of the page's operators is either to run a phishing operation that gathers private and sensitive information from users or try to convince their victims into paying bogus 'delivery' fees. In the end, users will not receive any of the promised rewards.

It also should be mentioned that the 'Loyalty Program' scam forces users to click through several images of gift boxes, before a pop-up stating that they have won the Samsung Galaxy phone appears. Unfortunately, this also is fake and serves as a gateway to additional unsafe websites.