Lohodf Ransomware

Lohodf Ransomware Description

The Lohodf Ransomware is a potent malware threat that can damage severely any computer system it manages to infect. The Lohodf Ransomware acts as typical ransomware - using an uncrackable encryption algorithm to lock nearly all of the files stored on the compromised device. Afterward, users will no longer to able to access any of the affected files including PDFs, documents, pictures, photos, music, video, databases, archives and more. Analysis revealed that Lohodf Ransomware is a variant belonging to the Xorist Ransomware family. In addition, the threat appears to be designed to target Russian-speaking users. 

To mark the files it affects, the Lohodf Ransomware employs a rather unusual file extension. The threat will append '.8329892832982983982' to the original file name. When the encryption process is completed, the Lohodf Ransomware will proceed to deliver its ransom note containing instructions for the victim. The note will be displayed in two different forms - as a pop-up window and a text file named 'КАК РАСШИФРОВАТЬ ФАЙЛЫ.txt.' The text in both is written in Russian entirely without any translation into other languages. 

According to the instructions, the hackers responsible for deploying the Lohodf Ransomware want to receive a ransom of $100 payable in Bitcoin. The sum must be transferred to the provided crypto-wallet address. After sending the money, victims are expected to initiate communication by writing to the 'lohodf@mail.ru' email address. No reserve email is mentioned in the note. 

Negotiating with cybercriminals is rarely a wise decision, as users potentially expose themselves to additional security risks. The best course of action is to clean the machine infected with the Lohodf Ransomware by using a professional anti-malware product. Only after it, victims of the Lohodf Ransomware can proceed to try to restore their locked data from a suitable backup. 

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