Locks Ransomware

Locks Ransomware Description

The Locks Ransomware Ransomware is another threatening malware that has been unleashed in the wild. Although analysis determined that it is a variant belonging to the Xorist Ransomware family with no significant improvements or modifications, the Locks Ransomware is still capable of locking down infected computers completely. No third-party tools are capable of breaking the encryption algorithm of the threat currently, leaving affected users with few viable avenues for restoring their data.

When the Locks Ransomware Ransomware infiltrates a computer, it will initiate an encryption process that renders all files both inaccessible and unusable nearly. The threat will append '.locks' as n additional file extension to every encrypted file's original name. At the same time, it also will deliver its ransom note under two different forms - text files named 'HOW TO DECRYPT FILES.txt' and in a pop-up window. The text of the notes is identical.

It informs the victims of the Locks Ransomware Ransomware that they will have to pay a ransom if they want the required decryption key and software tool that could potentially restore their files. The sum demanded by the hackers responsible for the Locks Ransomware Ransomware is $1500 payable using Bitcoin. At the current price, that makes around 0.047 BTC (Bitcoin). The money must be transferred to the provided cryptocurrency address. To contact the cybercriminals, affected users can send a message to the 'frankhans@tuta.io' email address. The hackers also warn that every 48 hours, the price of the ransom will be doubled.

The ransom note dropped by the Locks Ransomware Ransomware reads:

'All your personal FILES are now ENCRYPTED!

Don't worry, you can get back all your files

I don't want to lose your files too. If I want to do something nasty I would have wipe out all of your data

but that is not helping me. ­čÖé

So temporary all of your files are mine now until you pay the service cost of recovering them.

If yo want to recover them contact me at the emaill below, I'll be more than happy to help you to get out of this situation.

You have got 48 hours exactly, before you lost your files forever.

Failing which, the price to recover double with every 48 hours passing!

Rest assured, all your files will be recovered once payment is received.

The Price to get all things back to normal : US$ 1500

My BTC Wallet :

Email : frankhans@tuta.io'

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