By Domesticus in Browser Hijackers

The fake search engine makes a lot of claims on its website. Among these, claims that is 'fast growing', edited by humans, compatible with Search Engine Optimization and completely spam-free. However, simply saying these things does not make them true. is a fake search engine which, like many similar rogue websites, is associated with malware and various online scams. In fact, fake search engines are a common online scam and examples abound. Some examples of these kinds of websites include CC Search, ZeroAccess rootkit. browser hijackers have also been associated with variants of the TDSS rootkit and with TDL3 rootkit. Symptoms of browser hijackers associated with include any of the following:

  • The main symptom of a browser hijacker is being directed to sites like website when using your Internet browser. This redirection can take various forms, the most common being taken directly to, after entering any address into the address bar. Search results on legitimate search engines will also link to or to its many affiliate websites.
  • Computer users infected with a browser hijacker may find that their online traffic and search results are delivered through malicious domains, also slowing down an infected computer's connection speed considerably. A simple way to check for this symptom is to observe the lower part of your Internet browser's window. Instead of displaying the word 'done' after visiting a website, infected computers will often display '', meaning that traffic is being filtered or directed through this malicious website.
  • Another common symptom of a browser hijacker infection is to have your Internet browser's homepage changed to sites like This change will often be very difficult to undo. Other Internet browser settings may also be changed, particularly those directly related to your Internet browser's security and privacy settings.


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