Description is one of the many domains that have been linked to the fake search engine CC Search. This fake search engine is well known among PC security researchers as a potentially unsafe website with strong links to malware and online scams. The main danger of is the fact that attracts traffic with the help of browser hijackers, malware infections designed to take over the victim's Internet browser, in order to force it to visit specific domains (in this case, Through the use of browser hijackers, computer criminals can artificially boost their website's traffic as well as making an illegal profit through advertisement impressions and affiliate marketing for various unsafe products and websites (such as illegal online pharmacies and pornographic video galleries). If your Internet browser has been directing you to, ESG PC security researchers strongly recommend disinfecting your hard drives with a reliable anti-malware application.

Why Websites Like Are Particularly Dangerous

Websites like are not particularly dangerous on their own. However, the relationship these kinds of websites have with malware turns them into an important part of the way malware is distributed and takes over a computer system. This is because websites like have a dual relationship with malware. On one hand, most visitors that reach the domain do so because their computer has already been infected with malware, specifically a browser hijacking Trojan such as the Google Redirect Virus. The presence of this kind of malware also gives rise to the possibility of the presence of a rootkit on the victim's computer. in particular has been associated with the ZeroAccess rootkit and variants of the TDSS rootkit. However,'s relationship with malware does not end here. The domain belongs to a fake search engine which, instead of displaying legitimate search results, links its users to websites that have paid for its services. The websites associated with and CC Search tend to be websites that contain malware or actively promote various online scams. This means that users visiting have a very high likelihood of becoming infected with additional malware both from itself and from the websites linked to CC Search's search results. Through these means, computer criminals manage to make sure that their malware links to other malware, raising the likelihood of infecting their victims with various, simultaneous malware infections.

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