LanRan Ransomware

LanRan Ransomware Description

The LanRan Ransomware is a ransomware Trojan that may be distributed through the use of corrupted links delivered in spam email messages. The LanRan Ransomware is designed to encrypt the victims' files, making them inaccessible. The LanRan Ransomware then demands the payment of 0.5 BitCoin (approximately $568 USD) to provide the decryption key necessary for the recovery of the encrypted files. The LanRan Ransomware is virtually identical to numerous ransomware Trojans that are active currently. The LanRan Ransomware is a variant of the M0on Ransomware, which was first observed in November of 2016. The LanRan Ransomware includes new obfuscation layers and encrypts the victims' files with a combination of the RSA 2048 and the AES 256 encryption algorithms.

The LanRan Ransomware Doesn't Encrypt Files Inside the Windows Directories

The LanRan Ransomware has been linked to various executable files, which may be named '@_help_@.exe,' 'LanRan.exe,' or 'help.exe' and located in the AppData folder on the infected computer. The LanRan Ransomware will encrypt files outside of the directories Windows, AppData and Program Files. This allows the infected computer to remain functional although the victim's files will become inaccessible. The LanRan Ransomware will prioritize database files and text files, which take less time to encrypt and could include data valuable to the victim. Once the files have been encrypted by the LanRan Ransomware, they become inaccessible completely. Apart from encrypting the victim's files, the LanRan Ransomware also will delete the Shadow Volume Copies of the affected files, preventing computer users from recovering their files using this method. After encrypting the victim's files, the LanRan Ransomware delivers its ransom note in the form of a program window named '@_help_@.' This ransom note contains the following information:

'Attention! Your Files has been encrypted By L_A_N_R_A_N@R_A_N_S_0_M_W_A_R_E
Attention! Your personal files are encrypted With RSA-2048 algorithm.
What is encryption?
Encryption is a reversible modification of information for security reasons but providing full access to it for authorized users. To become an authorized user and keep the modification absolutely reversible (in other words to have a possibility to decrypt your files) you should have an individual private key. But not only it. It is required also to have the special decryption software in "LanRan Decryptor" software for safe and complete decryption of all your files and data.
Attention! Attention! Attention! Your Files has been encrypted By L_A_N_R_A_N—R_A_N_S_0_M_W_A_R_E And your personal files are encrypted With RSA-2048 algorithm.
Send 0.5 Bitcoin To @ [RANDOM CHARACTERS] @ for decrypt your files Contact us By Email: . If Send 0.5 Bitcoin We will send you the decryption key LanRan Decryptor. It's Your Choice.
good luck'

Dealing with a LanRan Ransomware Infection

PC security researchers strongly advise computer users to avoid paying the LanRan Ransomware ransom. Apart from the fact that the con artists may not deliver on their promise after the payment is made, they may simply release updated versions of the LanRan Ransomware and attack the victim repeatedly, demanding ransom payments each time. Instead, computer users should ensure that their machines are well protected against the LanRan Ransomware and other encryption ransomware Trojans.

The best protection against ransomware Trojans like the LanRan Ransomware is the use of file backups. Malware analysts strongly advise computer users to have backup copies of all files or even disk images that backup the entire contents of a drive. Having backups of all files makes computer users invulnerable to attacks like the one executed by the LanRan Ransomware completely. This is because the people responsible for the LanRan Ransomware attack lose any leverage over the victim if the victim can simply restore the affected files from a backup copy. Apart from backups of all files, PC security researchers advise computer users to install a reliable security program that is fully up-to-date. A reliable anti-virus application will intercept the LanRan Ransomware before it carries out its attack and can help computer users remove the LanRan Ransomware infection in case of an attack.

Technical Information

File System Details

LanRan Ransomware creates the following file(s):
# File Name Size MD5
1 file.exe 214,016 e168392066c6d00c6de6b71c82adcdb3
More files

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