Pop-Ups Pop-Ups Description is a deceptive website that uses fake and misleading messages to scare people into downloading a promoted application. The main targets of the website are Apple users. It must be noted that users do not land on websites such as willingly, and are, in most cases, taken there through force redirects caused by a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program). PUPs rely on dubious distribution tactics to hide their installation process so many users do not even realize that such an application is present on their devices. 

The scheme carried out by includes a pop-up window claiming that the user's iPhone has been compromised while the main message in the background talks about an unidentified Trojan virus that has been detected. Furthermore, according to the website, the malware threat has already managed to cause 17% damage to the phone's memory, but we are not sure what that means exactly. The scare tactics continue with the warning that if the users do not take action and install the promoted application, their accounts, photos, and payment data will be made available to third parties. also shows a countdown timer with the implication that something bad is going to happen when it reaches zero. 

Of course, all of the claims by the website are completely fake and shouldn't be taken seriously. After all, no website can conduct a malware scan on its own. In addition, while most of the websites operating in the same vein as promote PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs), sometimes they do offer perfectly legitimate applications. Even in those cases, however, users should go to the official application stores to download it instead of a dubious website.