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Lalabitch Ransomware

By GoldSparrow in Ransomware

The Lalabitch Ransomware is a ransomware Trojan that is being used to attack high-profile targets. Rather than attacking individual computer users and home PCs, the people responsible for the Lalabitch Ransomware attack are targeting Web servers and business networks. The Lalabitch Ransomware is a sophisticated ransomware Trojan that is being delivered by taking advantage of poorly protected computers, often through poor Remote Desktop Protocol connections. The people responsible for the Lalabitch Ransomware Trojan attack will scan open ports and vulnerable computers, also searching for Web access panels that could be used to access the target. Using brute force attacks and lists of possible usernames and passwords, the Lalabitch Ransomware's operators can gain access to the targeted computer and install the Lalabitch Ransomware or other threat onto the victim's PC. The Lalabitch Ransomware represents a real threat to the victims, and their data and computer users are advised to take steps to safeguard their machines with the help of strong passwords, reputable security software and file backups.

How the Lalabitch Ransomware Carries out Its Attack

The Lalabitch Ransomware is mainly targeting Web servers, encrypting data located on shared storage on a network. Using the AES 256 encryption, the Lalabitch Ransomware will make the victim's data inaccessible. The victim is then asked to pay 0.5 BTC (approximate $1300 USD currently) to obtain the decryption software necessary to recover the affected files. The people responsible for the Lalabitch Ransomware attack use the email address '' to contact the victims and receive payments. Once the Lalabitch Ransomware has been installed on an affected computer, particularly on a Web server, the Lalabitch Ransomware will encrypt databases, configuration files for websites, index files, and other important files that are necessary to support infrastructure. The Lalabitch Ransomware will then target all images, audio, video, and other media content as well as any PDF, XLSX, PPTX, and DOCX files it finds stored in the targeted location.

The Lalabitch Ransomware Takes Its Victims’ Files Hostage in Exchange for a Ransom

The files encrypted by the Lalabitch Ransomware attack can be identified easily because the Lalabitch Ransomware will make changes to the victims' file names. The Lalabitch Ransomware will behave in a way that's identical to numerous other encryption ransomware Trojans, particularly the variants of the high-profile Cerber family of ransomware. The Lalabitch Ransomware will use the base64 encryption to change the affected files' names. The Lalabitch Ransomware will add the file extension '.lalabitch' to the end of each file's name. After encrypting the victim's files, the Lalabitch Ransomware will demand its ransom payment. To do this, the Lalabitch Ransomware uses a PHP file named 'lalabitch.php,' dropped on the infected computer's desktop. The Lalabitch Ransomware's ransom note contains the following text:

'Your site is locked with Lalabitch Custom encryption method.
Please pay 0.5 btc to 18LbTxonanfMoh43t47Pjvdox7z2HFaiM9 for the Decryption key. Or else,
in 12 hours all of your files in this website will be deleted
- [lalabitch2017[at]] -
This is a notice of ransomware.
How to restore the beginning?
Please contact us via email listed'

Dealing with a Lalabitch Ransomware Infection

Computer users should refrain from paying the Lalabitch Ransomware ransom and dealing with the people responsible for the Lalabitch Ransomware. Instead, computer users should take steps to ensure that their machines are well protected. Since the Lalabitch Ransomware targets Web servers mainly, it is extremely important that server administrators have good security measures in place. Having backup images of the server, as well as securing all Remote Desktop Protocol connections and other possible access points can protect your data and Web server, as well as prevent the waste of large amounts of money to recover from the Lalabitch Ransomware attack. A reliable security program that is fully up to date also should be used to prevent threats like the Lalabitch Ransomware from being installed.


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