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Kvag Ransomware

Ransomware threats continue to be the primary threat to the safety of your files, and they are the reason why more and more people decide to invest in reliable backup services. Unfortunately, not all users have good backup habits, and they are the prime targets of ransomware developers. One of the file-locker to watch out for the moment is the Kvag Ransomware.

This threat is part of the STOP Ransomware family of file-locking Trojans, and it uses an encryption routine that is not decryptable via free means. This makes the Kvag Ransomware threatening exceptionally since the consequences of its attack will persist even if the threat is removed from the infected computer. All files that the Kvag Ransomware locks are marked with the ‘.kvag' extension, so that the victim will be able to recognize them easily.

The Kvag Ransomware Locks a Wide Range of File Types

The purpose of the Kvag Ransomware is not just to encrypt files – it also attempts to limit the victims data recovery options by getting rid of the Shadow Volume Copies, and disables core Windows features. The last step of its attack is to drop the ‘_readme.txt' note, which contains the instructions of the perpetrators. Naturally, the authors of the Kvag Ransomware want to make some money, and this is why they offer to sell victims a decryption service for $490 that must be paid via Bitcoin. They also state that this is a promotional price valid for three days and that victims will need to pay $980 after this period. The last bit of info found in ‘_readme.txt' are the emails and that the attackers use for communication.

It is never a productive idea to follow the instructions of cybercriminals. Even if you agree to pay them, the authors of the Kvag Ransomware may leave with the money without offering anything in return. Instead of taking unnecessary risks, it is recommended to use an antivirus scanner to remove the threat from your computer, and then experiment with data recovery tools.


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