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Kr Ransomware

The Kr Ransomware is one of the newest ransomware threats that have been spotted lurking on the Web. When researchers uncovered the Kr Ransomware, they studied the threat only to find out that this is yet another copy of the infamous Dharma Ransomware. It is likely that the Dharma Ransomware family has been the second most active ransomware family in the whole of 2019.

Propagation and Encryption

It is not known what infection vectors have been utilized in the propagation of the Kr Ransomware. There are experts believing that the creators of the Kr Ransomware may be using mass spam email campaigns, alongside torrent trackers, fake application updates, and bogus pirated copies of legitimate software tools. When the Kr Ransomware manages to infiltrate a host successfully, it will make sure first to scan all the data present on the system. The goal of the scan is to locate the files, which will be targeted for encryption. Next, the Kr Ransomware will begin locking down the targeted files using an encryption algorithm. When the encryption process is completed, the affected files will have their extensions altered. This is because the Kr Ransomware applies an additional extension at the end of the filenames. This ransomware threat uses the '.id-.[].kr,' which is added to all the locked files' names.

The Ransom Note

When the encryption process is completed, the Kr Ransomware will drop its ransom note on the victim's desktop. It is likely that the ransom message is stored in a 'FILES ENCRYPTED.txt' and 'info.hta' files. In the note, the authors of the Kr Ransomware fail to disclose the ransom fee demanded. However, this is a trademark for the Dharma Ransomware variants. The attackers ask the users to get in touch with them via email. There is an email address provided – ‘'

Do not attempt to contact the authors of this nasty file-locking Trojan. They will take your money gladly but will likely never hold up their end of the bargain, and you may never receive the decryption key promised. This is why it is much safer to download and install a legitimate anti-virus solution that will wipe off the Kr Ransomware from your computer and make sure you do not find yourself in such a situation in the future.

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