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Jack Ransomware

By GoldSparrow in Ransomware

The Jack Ransomware is a file-encrypting Trojan, which was uncovered by malware researchers recently. When dissected, it became clear that the Jack Ransomware is a part of the Dharma (also known as Crysis) family of ransomware. Ransomware authors are either becoming lazy or prefer to play it safe because they are using already established threats and only mildly altering them seems to be getting more and more popular among these individuals.

There is no endorsement yet, but it is believed that the propagation method used to spread this nasty threat may be spam emails, alongside fraudulent updates and pirated applications. When the Jack Ransomware infiltrates your computer, it will begin the first step of the attack – the scan. This data-locking Trojan will look for the file types it is meant to lock and locate all the files that fit the standard. Once they are located, the Jack Ransomware will proceed the attack by encrypting the files targeted. After the encryption process is completed, the files affected will have their names changed. The Jack Ransomware applies a certain pattern, which is typical for most ransomware threats, which belong to the Dharma Ransomware family. The extensions of the locked files would be changed to '.id-.[].jack' where the ID is generated for each victim specifically. Next, a ransom note is dropped. In the note, the attackers do not specify how much cash they would like the victim to pay but give out an email address where the user is supposed to get in contact with them and find it out for themselves – ''.

It is never a good idea to contact cybercriminals so that we would strongly advise you against it. They are known liars and fraudsters. You should, instead, make sure to install a reputable anti-malware solution and trust it with clearing your computer off the Jack Ransomware.

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