Ivonch.click is an untrustworthy website that relies on misleading messages presented as supposedly serious security alerts and warnings. Such behavior has been observed on numerous other rogue pages that try to lure users into buying a subscription for a promoted security application or downloading/installing an intrusive PUP (Possibly Unwanted Program) disguised as a legitimate software product. Indeed, Ivonch.click has been confirmed to take users to an official McAfee page. However, the page has an affiliate link attached to its URL, meaning that any transactions completed on it will result in the fraudsters receiving commission fees.

The deceiving scenario utilized by the site is a variant of 'Your PC is infected with 5 viruses!' It consists of several pop-ups and the main page, all containing false security alerts and warnings. By claiming the supposed security messages are coming from reputable sources, such as McAfee, the con artists try to scare users into following the displayed instructions. The site will even show the results of a supposed threat scan that has apparently discovered multiple malware threats on the user's device. To remove these non-existent threats, users are lured into pressing the 'Start McAfee' button.

It must be emphasized that reputable companies such as McAfee will have no connection to rogue websites, such as Ivonch.click.


Ivonch.click may call the following URLs:



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