Iphonesupport.net is a scam website that pretends to offer its visitors technical support for various iPhone issues. The supposed services provided by the website include Apple Support Identification Number, Apple Support iPhone, Any iPhone error, ICloud support, ITunes support. All visitors are encouraged to call the provided number for their respective region: 

  • 1-877-496-4603 (USA)
  • 44-808-189-5104 (UK)
  • 61-180-087-5363 (A)

Users are strongly advised against calling any of the numbers found on such scam websites. And indeed, scrolling to the bottom of the page reveals a small print statement about Iphonesupport.net not being associated with any of the companies mentioned on its page. 

The sole purpose of the scammers is to trick users into calling the listed numbers. Doing so will allow them to conduct several different schemes. They can pretend to be providing some kind of service and then charge exorbitant fees, attempt to obtain sensitive private information through social-engineering methods, ask for remote access to the device and then drop malware payloads on it. 

Keep in mind that fraudulent websites are often promoted through PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs). In addition, Iphonesupport.net has been observed to be disseminated through forum posts containing a link to the site. 


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