Description is an adware threat for iOS mobile devices. Its goal is to threaten users through a scareware tactic and false warnings about malware infections. shows intrusive security messages to its potential victims and triggers exposure to actual, possibly corrupted files and applications. The fake pop-ups generated by this adware tool claim to come from the Apple Security team and try to persuade naïve users that five different malware threats have compromised their mobile device.

This Mac virus also talks about possibly compromised social media accounts and loss of data to make its claims sound more authentic. The scheme then encourages people to click on a provided link named "Remove Virus" and download a program to solve the issues.

Clicking on the given button redirects the user to the installation page of a rogue security tool for iOS immediately. It is possible that following the link drops malware on the device directly and leads to system infiltration without any further user interaction. Frauds like have been related to the distribution of Trojans and other highly destructive threats in the past, so it is possible that this particular adware can do that as well. Therefore, an adequate reaction is to ignore all alerts and check the device through a certified anti-malware program designed for Mac iOS.