is a deceptive website dedicated to the promotion of applications through manipulative scare tactics. The website targets Apple users, those with iPhone devices more specifically. It must be noted that users rarely land on websites such as willingly and are instead taken there through either forced redirects or PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) present on their devices. has been observed to employ two different scenarios through which it attempts to trick its visitors to download the promoted application. The first one displays a fake system notification with the false claim that the user's iPhone has been infected with a virus after visiting an adult website and that a video has been recorded. It goes even further with the fake alerts by stating that if the problem is not fixed in two minutes the supposed recording alongside all photos stored on the device will be uploaded to a remote server. The misleading website then provides users with a 'Remove Virus' button that will download a promoted VPN application.

The other scenario conducted by is a bit more benign. The website simply states that the Internet connection of the users is not safe and offers them to download and install the Norton Secure VPN application. It must be noted that although the promoted application, in this case, is entirely legitimate, users should still go to the official application store to get it and not click on links found on dubious websites such as

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