Infa Ransomware

Infa Ransomware Description

Infa Ransomware's goal is to infiltrate computers and then render them useless via an encryption process with an uncrackable cryptographic algorithm. The attackers will then extort their victims for money while holding the locked data as a hostage. Affected users will not be able to access the majority of their files stored on the infected device including documents, PDFs, archives, databases, etc. During the file encryption, each locked file will have '.infa' appended to its name as a new extension. When the process has been completed, Infa will deliver a ransom note with instructions for its victim. The note will be dropped on the desktop of the system as a text file named 'readnow.txt.'

Infa Ransomware's Demands

Compared to the ransom messages of some other ransomware threats, Infa's note is extremely brief. However, it does contain the most important details that victims would be concerned about. Apparently, the cybercriminals want to receive exactly 0.0022 BTC (Bitcoin). At the current exchange rate of the currency, it amounts to approximately $90, The sum is accurately stated in the note. To reach out to the attackers, affected users are provided with a single email address - '' In addition, victims are warned that they have 2 days to pay to ransom. After that period is over, all encrypted files will supposedly be deleted.

The full text of the ransom note is:

'------------------------------------ Infa Ransomware --------------------------------
Im so sorry your files has been encrypted ( photo, videos, documents, etc. )

To decrypt files you need the special key.
You can buy the special key with price 0.0022 BTC = $90
If you can't pay for 2 days, im so sorry your files will automatic deleted from your computer !!!!
Contact : to buy the special key !!!!!

------------------------------------ Infa Ransomware --------------------------------'

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