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Hydrox Ransomware

Threat Scorecard

Threat Level: 100 % (High)
Infected Computers: 1
First Seen: August 5, 2022
OS(es) Affected: Windows

The Hydrox Ransomware is a malware threat equipped with a cryptographic algorithm that targets various, different file types. Infected systems will have most of the files stored on them locked and rendered unusable. Typically, ransomware operations are financially-driven, with the attackers trying to extort their victims for money. 

When the Hydrox Ransomware encrypts a file, it also appends a new file extension - '.hydrox,' to that file's original name. Among the changes caused by the threat, also will be the appearance of an unfamiliar text file named 'Hydrox Ransomware.txt.' The file contains the threat's ransom note with instructions for its victims. In addition, the default desktop background of the breached device will be substituted with a new image brought by the threat. 

Ransom Note's Details

According to the threat's ransom-demanding message, the Hydrox Ransomware is capable of locking documents, photos, audio and video files, etc. However, any of the typical details found in the instructions left by the vast majority of ransomware threats are missing here. Indeed, the note doesn't mention any way that allows victims to contact the attackers - there are no emails or accounts for chat clients. The note also states that victims are not required to make any ransom payments because even the hackers cannot restore the data. The message clearly states that the operators of the threat do not have a decryption tool. 

Usually, this is a clear indication that the current samples of the threat are being used for testing purposes or that the malware as a whole is still under active development. As such, the Hydrox Ransomware may change its goals and start demanding ransom payments in future attacks and subsequent versions. 

The full text of the message left by Hydrox Ransomware is:

'Woops,all your files have been encrypted!

All your important files,like documents,photo,mp4,video and other important stuff are now encrypted by Hydrox Ransomware.

Can i recover my files?

You don’t need to pay to decrypt your files,hydrox doesn’t have a password or a tool  for decryption,so don’t try to search the password or crack it 😀

Have fun trying to decrypt your files!'

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File System Details

Hydrox Ransomware may create the following file(s):
# File Name MD5 Detections
1. file.exe b314a1b668732b77498f316ffba5901b 1


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