is a deceptive website dedicated to the propagation of a popular browser-based tactic. Using such websites is a popular vehicle for the delivery of dubious content to users. The core functionality is always the same - causing forced redirects and relying on misleading alerts or warning messages that lure visitors into subscribing to that particular site's push notification services.

The most widespread scenario abused by these deceiving websites is to pretend to carry out a CAPTCHA check for bots., however, has been observed to employ a different strategy. The site displays a video clip window accompanied by the following message:

'Click 'Allow' to watch the video'

Users who do not exercise caution can fall for this trick easily and find themselves flooded with dubious advertising materials suddenly. While the advertisements will diminish the user experience on the affected device definitely, the main concern is that clicking on them could take the user to unsafe places. Being exposed to misleading pages that harvest private information through phishing or technical support schemes is a distinct possibility. Furthermore, users could land on domains spreading various Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs).

To stop, users will have to go to the Notification or Permissions settings of their respective browsers and remove the website.


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