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Health.exe Miner

Users that notice a process named 'Health.exe' running in the background of their machines might have a sneaky crypto-miner Trojan lurking on their computers. Crypto-miners are a relatively new form of malware, designed to take over the hardware resources of the targeted device. Afterward, the attackers will use the appropriate components - CPU, GPU, RAM, etc., to mine for a specific cryptocurrency, such as Monero, DarkCoin, Ethereum, etc. As a result, the affected system could become unstable,  experiencing frequent slowdowns, freezes, and in some cases, critical errors due to the minimal amount of free resources left. 

Users also should keep in mind that the excessive utilization of the system's hardware could cause a significant heat buildup, especially if the installed cooling is not sufficient. This may result in the device shutting down abruptly, while the hardware components may become damaged. However, some of the more sophisticated crypto-miners are capable of monitoring the system's activity and will hijack its resource only when it is idle, minimizing the chances of the victim noticing the abnormal actions and ensuring the threat's prolonged presence on the device. 

That is why if you notice the unfamiliar Health.exe process, it is highly recommended to scan your device with a professional security solution. Let the program complete a thorough threat scan and remove any detected items that you do not recognize. 


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