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'Have you recently noticed that I have e-mailed you from your account?' Email Scam

'Have you recently noticed that I have e-mailed you from your account?' email scam falls into the category of a 'sextortion' spam campaign. It likely involves the mass sending of thousands of deceptive emails claiming that there is a compromising video featuring the recipient. The emails falsely state that the video will be leaked unless a ransom demand is met. However, none of the information provided by these emails is true, meaning that neither recipients' devices nor their privacy have been compromised and no recordings exist. It should be made clear that the emails part of this unsafe campaign are part of a scheme and should not be taken seriously.

The Fake Threats Found in the 'Have you recently noticed that I have e-mailed you from your account?' Scam Emails

The emails distributed as part of this unsafe campaign falsely claim to have been sent from the recipient's own mail account. The messages state that the users' devices have been infected with malware after visiting an adult website and a video of them viewing the content was recorded via the device's camera. The fraudsters then threaten to send this fake video to the victim's contacts unless they pay a ransom in the Bitcoin cryptocurrency within 48 hours. The exact sum demanded by the threat actors could vary, depending on the specific version of the misleading email. However, all these claims are completely false, so if users trust them, they will only suffer financial loss and may be targeted by further schemes.

One version of a 'Have you recently noticed that I have e-mailed you from your account?' scam email is:

'Subject: Settle your debt in order to avoid additional fees.

Hi there!
Have you seen lately that an email sent by me to you from your own account?
Yeah, that merely concludes that I have gained a complete access to a device of yours.

For the past several months, you were under my close observation.
Still surprised how could that happen? The thing is, your device was infected by a malware from one of adult websites that you lately accessed.
It may seem complicated to you, nevertheless let me try to clear it out to you.

With aid of Trojan Virus, I gained full access to your PC as well as any other device in your possession.
That merely denotes that I am able to see you whenever I like just by turning on the camera and microphone in your PC, while you don't even know about that.
Moreover, I have also obtained your entire contacts list, including your entire correspondence.

Indeed, you wonder, "But my PC is equipped with a valid antivirus, so how could that be possible?
Why haven't I seen any warning?" To be frank, the reply is very straightforward: malware of mine is based on drivers,
whose signatures get updated on 4-hourly basis, causing it to become simply untraceable, and as result leaving your antivirus idle.

I got a video showing the way you are jerking off on my left screen, while on the right screen there is a video that you watched during your masturbation session.
Still unclear how bad that could become? One mouse click is enough to send that video to your entire list of social network, as well as e-mail contacts.
In addition, I can as well provide access to your entire e-mail correspondence as well as messengers that are currently in your use.

All you need to do to in order to avoid that from occurring - transfer $1450 (USD) in Bitcoin equivalent to my Bitcoin address
(if you still don't know how that could be done, just use your browser and key-in: "Buy Bitcoin").

Below is bitcoin address (BTC Wallet) of mine: 19hk5wJPDCSV6KexJPbgz28TdECKLnXgFt

Upon getting evidence of payment from your side, I will instantly proceed with removing those videos, and that is all, you won't ever hear about me anymore.
You are left with 2 days (or 48 hours) to perform that transaction.
After opening this e-mail, I will get a notice, which will automatically start my timer countdown.

Any attempts to complain to authorities won't be of any use to you, because this e-mail is simply untraceable, just like Bitcoin ID of mine.
I was working on this for quite an extended period of time; so do not even think that I can make a mistake.

In event that, I occasionally discover that you shared this message with anyone else,
I will straight away proceed with making your video public as stated earlier.

Good luck.'


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