Goingapp.xyz is a deceiving website that tries to trick iPhone users into downloading and installing a promoted application. There are countless websites that operate in a manner virtually identical to Goingapp.xyz. They all display various fake and outrageous claims designed to scare visitors into clicking the provided link and installing a sponsored application.  

In the case of Goingapp.xyz, the website presents its visitors with a warning about malware threats being detected on their device. To be more precise, the site has detected 39 viruses that have already managed to cause 28.1% damage apparently. If left alone, the threats would supposedly corrupt the iPhone's SIM card while also damaging the photos, applications, data and contacts of the user. A countdown timer implies that users have only a couple of minutes to fix the situation by installing the application promoted by the misleading website - a program called AdControl: Block & Remove ADS.

As we said earlier, all of the claims made by Goingapp.xyz are false. No website can perform anti-malware scans on its own. At the same time, even if the promoted application is not a barely-working PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) but a legitimate product, users should still download and install it from the official App Store and not some dubious website that they landed on. 


Goingapp.xyz may call the following URLs:



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