Go.loadingnow.me Description

The Go.loadingnow.me address has been associated with a browser hijacker campaign that is affecting Mac users. Users will notice that while browsing multiple tabs are constantly being opened without their consent. The frequency of the annoying redirects is incredibly annoying with new tabs appearing every minute or so. The redirection chain oftentimes begins with the tab displaying the Go.loadingnow.me address before finally resolving on a dubious third-party website. Users could be presented with various suspicious domains displaying click-bait content, unfamiliar streaming portals, adult pages, gambling sites or knockoff online marketplaces. With the constant interference from the intrusive tabs, the browsing experience on the affected device will be diminished greatly.

Most likely the intrusive ad campaign is being facilitated through a browser hijacker application that has managed to sneak and install itself onto the user's device. The application is capable of taking control over all of the most popular web browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari. Specific browser settings will be modified to open the promoted addresses. While the browser hijacker remains present on the system, it will prevent the user from reverting these settings to their original states.
Indeed, users have reported that alongside the Go.loadingnow.me redirects, a new default search engine has been injected into their browser. This fake search engine is called QSearch and has already been part of previous browser hijacker campaigns. The engine cannot produce search results on its own as it lacks that functionality. All searchers conducted in the browser will instead be diverted to qsearch.pw before ultimately being run through a legitimate search engine, either Yahoo or Bing, for a list of search results. Several advertising networks could be included in the redirect chain.

Upon noticing any of the symptoms of the Go.loadingnow.me browser hijacker campaign, conduct a thorough scan of the system with a reputable anti-malware product and remove all detected PUPs.