Threat Database Adware GlobalProcesser


Applications such as GlobalProcesser are not designed to benefit their users in any meaningful way. In fact, the opposite can be said to be true as these applications create more annoyances and can be problematic to remove. To be more specific, the main purpose of GlobalProcesser is to monetize its presence on the user's Mac device.

It does so by combining the capabilities of adware and a browser hijacker. Furthermore, the application also is considered a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) due to the deceptive methods involved in its distribution. Indeed, GlobalProcesser has been found in fake installers pretending to be for Adobe Flash Player.

Adware applications are tasked with running annoying ad campaigns. They will generate numerous potentially risky advertisements and present them to the users, impacting the user experience on the device significantly. The displayed advertisements should not be trusted - they could promote various tactics, lead to potentially unsafe websites or cause unwanted downloads.

At the same time, users also will notice changes in the way their Web browsers operate. This will be caused by GlobalProcesser's browser hijacker functionality. The PUP may target the browser's homepage, new tab page, and default search engine, changing all three to now open a promoted Web address. Browser hijackers are most commonly used to drive artificial traffic towards a fake search engine.

Fake engines will take the user's search query and redirect it to another engine, one that is capable of producing results. That other engine is not always a legitimate one such as Google, Bing or Yahoo. Users could instead be shown results produced by a dubious engine and the list could include sponsored ads or links to untrustworthy websites.


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