Glazunov Exploit Kit

Glazunov Exploit Kit Description

Type: Adware

The Glazunov Exploit Kit is a dangerous malware attack that is used to force computer systems to download and install malware. The Glazunov Exploit Kit is similar to several other exploit kits. The Glazunov Exploit Kit may have been derived from the Redkit Exploit Kit, and the Glazunov Exploit Kit seems to have spawned newer variants known as Sibhost and Flimkit. Like most other exploit kits that are active currently, the Glazunov Exploit Kit uses malicious JavaScript redirects to force victims to visit attack websites containing the Glazunov Exploit Kit. The Glazunov Exploit Kit exploits known vulnerabilities in the victim's operating system and applications.

How the Attacks that Incorporate the Glazunov Exploit Kit Work

The Glazunov Exploit Kit is contained in an attack page that is set up to attempt to exploit several vulnerabilities in visitors' computer systems simultaneously. While the actual Glazunov Exploit Kit is dangerous, the Glazunov Exploit Kit would be harmless if computer users were not forced to visit its attack page. Because of this, exploit kits like the Glazunov Exploit Kit are often paired with scams and Trojans designed to redirect computer users to this attack website. Often, criminals compromise legitimate pages and insert their own malicious code into it, usually taking advantage of weak passwords or outdated software. In most Glazunov Exploit Kit attacks, a malicious iFrame is inserted into the target website. By using JavaScript, the Glazunov Exploit Kit loads in the background in order to ensure that visitors are redirected to the Glazunov Exploit Kit website without being aware of the attack.

Specific Characteristics of the Glazunov Exploit Kit Attack

Although exploit kits are among the most common types of malware attacks, the Glazunov Exploit Kit uses a technique that has caught the attention of PC security researchers. It's associated redirect Trojans do not stop with merely injecting a redirect script. The Glazunov Exploit Kit uses redirects that compromise an entire Web page and that are hosted on the Glazunov Exploit Kit's malicious server. The malicious files associated with the Glazunov Exploit Kit are hosted on the exploit kit's own server, making them also more difficult to study and intercept. At present, the Glazunov Exploit Kit is being used to force computer users to download and install ransomware Trojans, malware infections that are typically designed to block all access to the infected computer in order to extract a ransom from the victim.

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